Powerboards are used to distribute the power to the electrical equipment of a vehicle. Fuses, relays, connectors for connecting harnesses and other components are located on a powerboard. NSE powerboards , based on Pressfit technology, are a reliable solution and ready for use in the most extreme conditions.

Current situation

The traditional solutions for power distribution in vehicles are often characterized by the confusing harnesses, which bring high installation and maintenance costs.
The PCB-based (Printed Circuit Board) power distributors from NSE with press-fit technology impress with their comprehensive technical and economic possibilities.

Wiring harness vs. PCB:

  1. easy and quick installation
  2. no more expensive mounting accessories such as Frame more needed
  3. weight and space savings
  4. reduction of interfaces, reduction of wiring harnesses by about 25%
  5. high mechanical stability
  6. high vibration resistance
  7. low contact resistance, thus less heating of the module
  8. reduction of maintenance costs due to very high reliability of the module
  9. integration of the fuse test area with LED possible


Battery master switch

  • rated voltage of the on-board network is 12 or 24 V DC
  • 4 fuse-protected outputs
  • rated currents - 500 A (starter), 200 A, 100 A, 100