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One of the main advantages of using the programable modules of NSE is the simplicity of their programming. This became possible due to the unique environment ASU Configurator.

ASU Configurator is a system of graphic programming, which allows you to set the logic of the power modules without writing a single line of code! Now, even a person with only knowledge of the basic logical operators will be able to configure NSE modules for a specific application. Programming with ASU Configurator is like drawing a functional diagram.



  • No special knowledge is required;
  • Programming based on functional diagram;
  • Maximum ease of use of the CAN bus;
  • Depending on the size of the programm, it is possible to create function blocks;
  • Program is loaded into the module with a single mouse click;
  • With the help of testboards, you can perform programm check without leaving the workstation;
  • Reprogramming of the modules can be performed without disassembling it, if it is already installed on the vehicle