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  • contains up to 16 outputs with output current up to 20 A and load current control
  • automatic overheat protection
  • load break detection
  • short circuit detection on the power bus
  • detection of current overloads and short circuits on a common wire (to ground)
  • breakage of the power bus and common wire (ground)
  • 6 PWM channels (2 groups). PWM mode is used to smoothly adjust power in a load. The minimum frequency is 16Hz. The maximum frequency can be several kilohertz, however, as the frequency increases, switching losses increase. Power losses can be estimated by the formula: P (W) = 0.6 * Ft (kHz) * Imax (A). This value should not exceed 23 watts.

When working at unusual loads (powerful engines, battery charging), additional protection elements may be required. These elements are supplied optionally with an ACS module. Detailed recommendations on the use of such loads can be obtained in the technical department of the module manufacturer.


ASU outputs can be used for switching power of various equipment:

  • lighting;
  • solenoid valves;
  • electric motors;
  • heating elements;
  • and etc.


Current measurement

ASU module is capable of measuring the values ​​of the output currents of each channel.

Examples of using:

  • for monitoring of the performance of lamps (headlights, beacons, etc.)
  • to monitor the normal functioning of the load
  • Digital Fuse Function
  • transfer of measured current values ​​of individual channels via the CAN bus
  • transfer of the total current via the CAN bus