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ASU 2.0R is a power module that allows you to control powerful electrical equipment using the CAN bus. It is able to work in the most severe operating conditions. Due to this, it can be successfully used in various fields: in the freight and passenger cars, construction and agricultural engineering, shipbuilding, in military equipment, in special road equipment and many others.

ASU 2.0R is ideally suited for systems in which it is necessary not only to make switching of powerful consumers, but also to make diagnostics: monitor the voltage level of the on-board network, and identify emergency situations (short circuits and load breaks).

ASU 2.0R is designed to work as part of the CAN network and supports protocols like SAE J1939. This allows the module to interact with other devices and modules connected to the vehicle’s CAN bus. As part of a CAN network, one single ASU 2.0R module can operate, as well as several modules in Slave and Master modes.

The range of supply voltages is 9 ... 30 V, which ensures compatibility with the most common voltages of 12V and 24V.

ASU 2.0R uses only proven technologies that have proven their worth in the most demanding automotive applications with current loads up to 150 A.

Flexible configuration and compact dimensions make it possible to configure ASU 2.0R in accordance with customer requirements.

Examples of use

Construction and agricultural machinery

  • Bucket control
  • Attachment Management
  • Hydraulic control

Loaders, municipal vehicles

  • Neutral lock
  • Coolant Temperature Control
  • Headlamp and flashing light control
  • Attachment Management
  • Hydraulic control

Buses and commercial vehicles

  • Pneumatic system control
  • Electric windshield